Play Demon Chess Against Heaven and Hell
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Are you up for the challenge? Would you like to square-off against Heaven or Hell?
We will periodically post the date and time of the next chess challenge on this page.
If you are the FIRST human to send an email to WITH THE NEW GAME TITLE, you will be scheduled against an opponent from the celestial realms and will receive an email confirmation with the password for the game. If you fail to appear at the scheduled date and time, we will select an alternate opponent, and you will be ineligible to participate in future challenges.
Note that you may watch these chess games LIVE, even if you are not playing. You are welcome to visit this page and enter the game as a spectator at the scheduled time.
Results of all Demon Chess matches are posted in the Hall of Immortals.
NEXT CHESS MATCH - "Bumz v. Earth"
Wednesday, December 17th 2003 at 12:00 midnight (US Central Standard Time)

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How to Make Special Chess Moves in Demon Chess
Demon Chess detects and rejects attempts to make illegal moves. There are four special moves you can make: castling, capturing en passant, pawn promotion, and resigning.

To indicate a castling move, move the king two squares (same as a real chess game).

To take en passant, move the capturing pawn onto the empty square behind the captured pawn (like a real chess game).

When a pawn qualifies for promotion, Demon Chess will ask you what it wants to be.

To resign, enter your king's position and the opposing king's position (an impossible move of kingly proportions) - Demon Chess knows what you mean and will ask you to confirm your resignation before executing it.

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